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House portrait

I was asked to create a house portrait for my friend about 3 years ago. Using this photo she asked if it could be done using watercolours and for it to be about A3 in size. 

I started with a pencil sketch to get the outlines and proportions correct, then used Derwent Watercolour pencils but only used a small amount of water at the end.

My friend was very happy with the final illustration. It was going to be a gift for her mother, who apparently loved it too! Mission accomplished.

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Trippy artwork…

trippysketchI did this about 20 years ago!Using watercolour pencils and fineliner pens I think. It would’ve been around about the time I was at college doing my HND in Multi-Disciplinary Design at St Helens College, Merseyside. I just loved letting my mind run free with swirls and curves and then doing all that shading with those lush colours…I was in my element!

Source: Trippy artwork…

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Matilda & Murphy

I was approached by a fellow mother at my kids’ school, to illustrate this favourite photo of hers of her daughter and dog on the beach.



On closer inspection of image, I found that the girls features were quite distorted and pixelated which made life difficult when creating the illustration.











In actual fact, I had a lot of fun doing this commission, it was an amazing challenge! Working on the sea/water is always difficult, but I really enjoyed this especially with the reflections and smudgability!


Final artwork, derwent pastel pencils.
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Original Photo

This is “Troy”. I was commissioned to portray Troy by a friend and past work colleague, who wanted this for his Mother who was Troys’ owner.

He entrusted me to choose an image from a number of photos he sent and also to use whichever medium I preferred. I chose this photo, because it shows all of the dog not just his head and I omitted the iron gate from the final artwork. I used watercolour pencils to colour the image after sketching in pencil……

Final Artwork

My friend was very happy with the artwork and most importantly his mother loved it too. For my own portfolio, I later went on to complete another image of “Troy” using my beloved pastel pencils……I am quite happy with this image also…..

Experimental observational artwork
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Snowy “Cav Cottage” with Oscar & Monty

I’m honoured to have been asked to create this latest illustration as a gift for Christmas 2015.

Final Illustration
Final Illustration


I was approached by a previous customer to create an illustration consisting of the snowy cottage (as per the original photograph) the two cav’s “Oscar & Monty” (of whom I illustrated a few years ago)

First illustration of Oscar & Monty
First illustration of Oscar & Monty

…and to also include some sort of scroll saying “Cav Cottage” using the dogs’ collar colours.

These were the photos and information given to me “…Could you make the wreath stand-out and include as much of the snowy background as possible please?” …”Could you arrange the framing aswell please, with a black frame if possible?”


Finished and Framed….


Comments from my customer and recipient of the final illustration:

“Thanks Sue what a talented lady you are x”

“The gift that keeps giving! Thank you Su x

These photos show the developments when building up the colour etc…


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