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Working on new commission…

So here I am on a day off from my normal job, continuing with my current commission.

At the moment I’m struggling with the tall trees at the top right corner. Here is the original photograph that I’ve been asked to illustrate…


Here are some more photos given to me of the surrounding area around the house, I requested these to help me with colours and shapes etc:

This is pretty much how far I’ve got on with the illustration so far…and my current view today.

5/9/17……Another day off, progressed a bit more at the top right hand corner on the trees.

Bit more done today…. 16/9/17….looking forward to working more on the swans and water….


Today I decided to be brave and go darker with the the reflections on the water.

It’s still not finished yet but I think it definitely brings out the swans more in the foreground…. Hoping to finish this one on Tuesday, (19/9/17) on my day off from my normal job.

Watch this space.

19/9/17…. Nearly finished.

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Thornley Lodge

Having just finished my normal mundane job for 6 days off over the Easter bank holiday weekend…. One of my friends from work, messaged me out of the blue asking if I’d be able to do a house portrait, as a gift for her future mother in law.

Yay! “Excellent!” I thought to myself… an awesome chance to get my trusty Derwent Pastel Pencils out. The only thing was, she wanted it done for the 19th April…. Which gave me 5 days from start to finish. Could I do it within that timescale? “Yeah…,I’ll give it a go!”

So here is the original photo she sent to me…. 

First thing I did was sketch the outline, lightly tracing the complicated angles so the perspective and proportions were correct. I then started the fun bit, colouring in! From the left hand side and top/sky first, so as not to smudge. 

The above pictures were just quickly taken with a rubbish phone at intervals, so that I could send them to my friend and keep her updated throughout it’s progress. 

When I’d finally finished the illustration…. I sprayed it with fixative then I scanned it so I always have a copy for myself. 

My friend loved it and her mother in law loved it. 

I really enjoyed the challenge of this commission as I was on a tight schedule, I had to plan my way of working quite accurately and squeeze every spare minute in where ever I could. 

It was a Happy Easter! 

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House portrait

I was asked to create a house portrait for my friend about 3 years ago. Using this photo she asked if it could be done using watercolours and for it to be about A3 in size.

I started with a pencil sketch to get the outlines and proportions correct, then used Derwent Watercolour pencils but only used a small amount of water at the end.

My friend was very happy with the final illustration. It was going to be a gift for her mother, who apparently loved it too! Mission accomplished.


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Trippy artwork…

trippysketchI did this about 20 years ago!Using watercolour pencils and fineliner pens I think. It would’ve been around about the time I was at college doing my HND in Multi-Disciplinary Design at St Helens College, Merseyside. I just loved letting my mind run free with swirls and curves and then doing all that shading with those lush colours…I was in my element!

Source: Trippy artwork…